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Careem seems to be in the works of launching their own system of payment, CareemPay

Careem has really established itself well in the market for transportation and it seems Careem is looking set to launch their own system for making payments for their transportation services. CareemPay will allow users to spend Careem credits on much more than just paying for their rides from one place to another. There hasn’t been an official word put out as yet, but we can predict this after a job listing for a General Manager spot at CareemPay was seen.

The above mentioned job listing claims that Careem is looking to develop a product which can help with the disruptions in payments and the logistics. From the description we can conclude that Careem is not looking to use the new feature as a compliment for its ride-sharing business but rather as a completely separate entity which will standalone in the FinTech market segment. The listing seems to be quite old and according to the Linkedln profile of a Ali Amin Sattar, who has been working as the GM of CareemPay for more than one year now. Ali Amin is a professional who knows the business of the Fintech industry on the back of his hand. He had previously worked for companies such as Telenor and Veonwhich was the parent company of Jazz.

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Now then for those of you wondering when this feature will be launched, well soon people very soon, however it is still unclear whether Careem will launch this feature as a separate application or will simply update their app and add this feature. Careem will be launching the CareemPay in Saudia Arabia sometime next year after they have obtained the necessary regulatory approvals which were required. Sources close to Careem, Pakistan also confirmed that CareemPay will also be launching in Pakistan within the next few months.

Careem seems to be in the works of launching their own system of payment, CareemPay

Now Careem is a very famouse application in Pakistan and the built in wallet feature inside the application is very popular among frequent users of the application. If Careem does im fact launch this feature in the country and if it works according to the needs of their customers well then this could be a step in the right direction in terms of popularity of digital payments in Pakistan is concerned!


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