The ride hailing service Careem after being operational in several cities of Pakistan has quite recently
announced the acquisition of exciting " Delivery Chacha " service.
Delivery Chacha is an on-demand delivery and errand service that is operating out of Karachi.
Careem is no doubt a leading ride-hailing company in Pakistan. And as per the claim of company you can
get everything and anything at you doorstep with its excitingly amusing Delivery Chacha service. As
company claimed the service saying,
" Order, anything and everything from anywhere in Karachi via Delivery ChaCha and we will bring it to
you at your doorstep ".
Yet, nothing has been revealed and no detail are found about the service but the only thing that is
confirmed is that the founder of Delivery ChaCha Nashit Iqbal is moving towards Careem.
Nashit the founder of Delivery ChaCha said
“The vision for DC and Careem is similar I believe — empowering our customers — and we both have
enjoyed taking risks to do so.”

we are wondering and hopefully you too are excited to get the things at your doorstep as Careem is
going to make it possible for you.
The delivery services that are expected with Careem is making everyone wonder.
And this is something extra special service than Bike service, air service, monthly packages, discount
offers, and one year free rides.
The decision to acquire this service takes Careem way ahead in its innovative offers compared to other
ride-hailing applications.
Through some reports we have also heard about the expected launch of wallet service by this ride-
hailing company that is making people excited with its exciting services.
Back to 2014, the year when Delivery ChaCha was founded.

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According to the claims of the service providers, the service has delivered half a million orders
successfully, since it's launched.
The services that Delivery Chacha provided since 2014 are ranging from food deliveries, bill payments,
cinema tickets and grocery shopping along with several other services.
The service has also been dropping off wedding cards to guests and even clothes to the tailors alongwith
other several services.

In case the ride hailing company Careem does acquire Delivery ChaCha, it will be quite interesting
collaboration to experience. And we will be able to get our desired things that can't be get at the time
because of lack of time but Careem will make it possible for us along with its normal pick and drop
The acquisition of Delivery ChaCha shows the company's interest in moving a step ahead ahead by
bringing your delivery packages on your doorstep.
Though the news of this acquisition is confirmed, the precise financial details of the deal are not known.
Hopefully the plan of using the Delivery Chacha service will make the entrepreneur one of the best
service providers in the country and people will be able to get and send anything anywhere in Pakistan.
Careem, alongside its several other services, is all set to widen its scope and become a single-window
solution for a variety of challenges faced by regular persons.


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