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How to get a career in Cyber Security?

Well if you’re looking for up to date field to get a successful job career in well then look no further, why not try Cyber Security, with this field supplying an estimated of 301,000+ jobs in just America. This field also is good option in terms of Salary with the average person earning around $116,000 per year in this field which is nearly 3 times more than a median income for full-time salaried employees. It doesn’t end here though with the field looking to grow from an average growth of 12% to 15% by 2021. Hardly a day goes by until you hear about the vulnerabilities about cyber security on your computers or other such devices with all sorts of hacking attempts being seen, the field is demanding a lot of workers to tackle this problem of cyber security and to in-turn make the network safer for the people and hence the Government and the private sector are looking for individuals who can find ways to deal with these threats.

Cyber Security however, is a high tech field and requires the individual to have a strong technological sense and a good skill-set and though a high-school graduate may have some interest in the field and can write different codes, companies are looking to hire “ people with degrees” so to apply in this field a good option would be to get a bachelor’s degree for a start and the student should pursue Computer Science as a major focusing on the knowledge related to Cyber Security and of course in other aspects of the course as well such networking. With technology advancing at high rates this might be a good time to explore other related interests as well such as constructing mobile application or to learn coding etc.

While you are likely to find a more general major in computer science there are however, some colleges who provide major courses in Cyber Security for example Harisburg University of Science and Technology is running online courses such as the Bachelor in Science and Cyber Security to successfully train students to deal with Cyber Security threats.

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Furthermore, if you are a teenager it would suit you to look for schools that have an active and up to date computer science department and also different courses to choose from. This is typically found at high-class universities that offer advanced graduate degrees in computer science. Moreover seek out a professor who is an expert in Cyber Security and visit them during their office times to gain some valuable in-sight in the field and also look for opportunities to get involved in their activities with the exception of, research which is within you are of interest. You can also look for internships or to even apply for a job which suit your field, in both cases you are likely to gain valuable experience and knowledge by carrying out such a process.

After University Education

It becomes necessary to have a degree in a field of this caliber but it can also pay to go beyond this if possible for example by further studies in the field by obtaining a CISSP which stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional which is quite relevant to Cyber Security. There are also other such certifications like, Cloud Security and Privacy but all in all you can go a long way in this field.

Furthermore landing a right and efficient job at graduation often comes down to the contacts you have made in the time of learning. Many Colleges offer job placement assistance to help recent graduates to find them a job of some stature in which they can actually do really well. You can also check with the professors of you major especially the one who you consider as your mentor and the departmental head, quite often they may receive inquiries from companies inquiring if there are suitable candidates who are deemed natural for working in their company and in some cases these get posted on the bulletin board or any other location In the department. Furthermore internships which were discussed earlier as well can also be a source to help you land a job after graduation. These positions give both the company and the intern opportunity for an extended interview where it can be determined if the skills and the work ethic suit the company’s interests. These oppurtunities are therefore valuable and should be taken advantage of and can hence lead to permanent job placements. These days there are also oppurtunities for online networking as well and you can look for online communities which are releveant to your field and get involved in any such work on offer.

Finally, Cyber Security is a diverse field, and individuals can focus on specific areas such malware or network security and jobs in this industry can take many forms and in fact may not even mention the term Cyber Security in their job offers, but do consider options like 1) Security Manager, 2) Security Auditor 3) Director of Security, 4) Security Analyst 5) Information Security Officer, 6) Cyber security Architect and 7) Risk Analyst. All these jobs offer positions to use you Cyber Security skill-set and in addition there are also many jobs available within the government as it looks to harden its networks security. All in all this looks like a good and lucrative field and one is most likely to find a suitable job in this field.


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