Cars Sales in Pakistan have fallen by 20% since last year

Cars Sales in Pakistan have fallen by 20% since last year. As per the new report launched by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA), it has been revealed that over 17,000 passenger cars  sales were sold in the month of April 2019 and the total sales for the first ten months of the up and running fiscal year are found to be 177,400.

Now if we compare the sales figure son a monthly basis, the sales fell an approximate 14.1% from March 2019 and in terms of the yearly basis, the sales fell by 20.7% compared to April 2018.Moreover, the highest number of sales in the various categories was seen by cars which came withthe respective engines of 1300CC and above, this category sold about 8,019 units accounting for almost 50% of total car sales in April.

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Moving on, if we look at the sales figures provided by various brands which sell cars in Pakistan, Toyota’s Corolla sold the highest number of units in this category with around 5,256 units accounted for in the last month as compared to 4,741 units in March. Honda came in secondwith the companyselling 2,310 units and the cars that Honda were most successful in selling were the Honda Civic and City. The Swift came in last with just 453 units sold as compared to 386 in March showing that Suzuki has really lost there influence in the market.As for the category with units having an engine size of 1,000CC, they saw 4,832 units being sold during this time frame while in the 800cc-1000cc (exclusive) over 4,335 units were sold.

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