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NetMag Pakistan. We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as a publishing company and our monthly magazine, “NetMag” as Pakistan’s first IT & Telecom News magazine. The past 19 years have been the “best of the times” for our innovative and self-development magazine.

Untold numbers of readers throughout the nation have utilized NetMag Pakistan as an invaluable guide to achieving personal and professional success. In the new millennium, the mission of our magazine remains ever more relevant. One of the most appealing aspects of the magazine is the variety of cutting-edge content which is research based and well explored for every issue. For example, in most recent editions, readers had the opportunity to learn how today’s fast-moving Internet economy has transformed the way people work, shop, play and communicate.

The Internet isn’t an extension of the past. It is a new thing. It leverages individuals in ways that go beyond old models. It creates a new order of things where individuals, and not companies, can expect to reap all the benefits of economic gains. Just as the second industrial revolution of the late nineteenth century required a technically literate workforce so the Internet economy over the next generation will need a computer-and-communications-literate workforce.

Euro-IV petrol

Euro-IV petrol is coming in Pakistan

A higher quality Euro-IV petrol is coming in Pakistan in next few months. PM Imran Khan directed to formulate policy in this regard. He said...
Y19 With Massive Battery

Vivo Expands Y-Series Portfolio: Launches Y19 With Massive Battery and AI Triple Rear Camera

Vivo, the global innovative smartphone brand, today launched a new device in its Y-series portfolio - the Vivo Y19. Powered with industry leading 5000 mAh battery, the...

Twitter pauses plan to delete inactive accounts

"We’ve heard you on the impact that this would have on the accounts of the deceased." : Twitter Support On November 26,...
PTCL launches Campus Ambassador Program Safeer

PTCL launches Campus Ambassador Program Safeer

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched its new initiative called PTCL Safeer(Ambassadors), which is based on the concept of a Campus Ambassador Program and is an...
Get Your Hands on these Blessed Friday Tech Deals!

Get Your Hands on these Blessed Friday Tech Deals!

Whether it’s Black Friday, White Friday or Blessed Friday, the trend of the popular shopping holiday has established itself in the Pakistani market. The phenomena of grab-and-go...


CarFirst, Pakistan's most trusted used car trading platform launched its ‘Foree Payment’ service, marking it as the fastest way to sell a used car in Pakistan.  With the introduction of...
10th Junior Leaders Conference Announced

10th Junior Leaders Conference Announced

School of Leadership (SoL); the leading leadership development organization of Pakistan has announced this year’s Junior Leaders Conference (JLC 2019). This marks as the 10th year of...

Updates on OnePlus Hack: Is Your Personal Data in Danger?

Data Breach Releases Users’ Personal Information OnePlus has revealed to its customers that a data breach caused users’ order information to be leaked to...

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Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank and Pak signed a loan agreement of $1.3 billion

In a latest business news coming from Islamabad, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Pakistan signed a loan agreement of  $1.3 billion on...

Youtube’s Storm Continues: Here Are Some Interesting Statistics!

Nobody would have thought of the level of influence that YouTube would be having in our lives so quickly. It has quickly...

Pakistan jumps to 5th place on Global Climate Change Index

Pakistan has jumped two places on a global climate report, but for all the wrong reasons. The latest report of Global Climate Risk Index...