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NetMag Pakistan. We feel pleasure in introducing ourselves as a publishing company and our monthly magazine, “NetMag” as Pakistan’s first IT & Telecom News magazine. The past 19 years have been the “best of the times” for our innovative and self-development magazine.

Untold numbers of readers throughout the nation have utilized NetMag Pakistan as an invaluable guide to achieving personal and professional success. In the new millennium, the mission of our magazine remains ever more relevant. One of the most appealing aspects of the magazine is the variety of cutting-edge content which is research based and well explored for every issue. For example, in most recent editions, readers had the opportunity to learn how today’s fast-moving Internet economy has transformed the way people work, shop, play and communicate.

The Internet isn’t an extension of the past. It is a new thing. It leverages individuals in ways that go beyond old models. It creates a new order of things where individuals, and not companies, can expect to reap all the benefits of economic gains. Just as the second industrial revolution of the late nineteenth century required a technically literate workforce so the Internet economy over the next generation will need a computer-and-communications-literate workforce.

Jazz Golf Tournament 2020

The 2nd Leg of the Jazz Golf Tournament 2020 Takes Place in Islamabad

The second leg of the annual Jazz Golf Tournament teed-off in Islamabad at the Islamabad Golf Club. The one-day event saw participation of distinguished Jazz Business customers,...
Best Smart Displays

Best Smart Displays To Buy Right Now

Smart Displays have slowly become a must have for your living room to have yourself a voice assistant that does more than a few tricks all the...
Android 11

Android 11 Go-through: Best Features

Android 11 is here! Though, not entirely but Google has released the developer preview and luckily for us we have a pretty good idea of what Google...
Telenor with Goonj TV

Telenor Pakistan brings PSL to your fingertips with Goonj TV

Telenor Pakistan is revolutionizing the TV viewership experience for its audience with Goonj; a mobile app that provides live and video-on-demand (VoD) streaming services featuring some of...

ZONG 4G offers the most Affordable roaming rates to USA & CANADA

Pakistan’s leading Telecommunication Company, Zong 4G made travelling to the United States of America (USA) and Canada more affordable. The company has provided seamless and reliable connectivity...
Google Changes Borders

Google Changes Borders According To The People Viewing

Pakistan and India have been involved in a death grip ever with regards to Kashmir, ever since partition. Kashmir is a lush, mountainous region which is muslim...
New Offer for Infinix S5

Infinix Launches Exciting New Offer for Infinix S5 Right Before PSL 2020

Infinix, Pakistan’s leading smartphone brand, following the launch of its new product S5, Infinix has collaborated with the all-rounder cricket sensation, Shadab Khan, to offer fantastic discounts...
Huawei challenges the US government

The latest proposal from the US could kill Huawei

Ever since the US trade ban has been imposed, Huawei has been in hot waters – so much so that the company couldn’t even launch flagship devices...

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