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Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank and Pak signed a loan agreement of $1.3 billion

In a latest business news coming from Islamabad, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Pakistan signed a loan agreement of  $1.3 billion on Monday. The loan aims to...
Firdous Awan

Firdous Awan Discourages Besieging Acts Of Dawn

PM Imran Khan’s aide Firdous Ashiq Awan has shown support for Dawn as the media news company sees itself besieged with people protesting outside their offices. The...

CDA demolishes structures on Murree road

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration and Capital development Authority (CDA) conducted an operation on Murree road and Club road and demolished number of buildings which are found...

Islamabad Ranked Safest City in Pakistan

Residents of Pakistan’s capital can breathe a sigh of relief. Islamabad has been ranked as the safest city in Pakistan by the World Crime Index. 
Shaheen Chemist and D-Watson

Shaheen Chemist and D-Watson Raided by Authorities

What are the updates on the raid on Islamabad's famous chemists? A team from the Islamabad Custom Officials raided the warehouse of Shaheen...

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They snatched Hooz Noor’s childhood with their claws.

Every other day the headlines are read by the anchors of leading News channels expressing how another horrific rape victim has...

Egypt denies rumours of non-issuance of visas to Pakistani citizens

There is no truth behind the news surfacing against the Egyptian embassy not facilitating Pakistani citizens. Egypt's Emissary Ahmad Fadil Yaqoob assured...

‘Zindagi Tamasha’ ban expose the govt’s resolve to deal with certain ‘quarters’

Zindagi Tamasha, a film by Sarmad Khoosat has been slapped by a ban by the provincial governments. The film has been...