The Senate common liberties board was chafed on Monday during an instructions on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway assault case gave by Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umar Sheik, who by and by appeared to blame the casualty for the episode. The individuals additionally protested the “opposing” police discoveries, which they watched had made “questions and doubts” about the investigation. 

Not long ago, a lady was assaulted on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway before her kids while she was hanging tight for help in the wake of considering the motorway police’s helpline 130 when her vehicle built up a flaw. 

On Monday, Sheik was gathered by the advisory group to give a preparation on the advancement of the case that started shock the nation over and furthermore uncovered the absence of security on a key course. 

During the consultation, the CCPO Umar Sheik was castigated by the board for communicating his “assumption” that the episode occurred on the grounds that the casualty “was voyaging late around evening time without her better half’s consent”. Individuals from the board of trustees inquired as to whether the casualty had said this in her announcement at which Sheik said that it was his supposition. 

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At the point when the advisory group criticized him for giving his “genuine beliefs” rather than expressing realities of the case, Sheik backtracked and said that “he had been informed that the casualty had left late around evening time since she needed to converse with her significant other on video call”. 

The advisory group individuals said that giving security to residents was the activity of the State, paying little heed to the time and explanation for voyaging. 

Sheik educated the council that the police had distinguished the offenders inside 72 hours through geofencing, DNA testing, fingerprints and foot following innovation. He said that one of the suspects, Shafqat Ali assumed name Bagga, was set to be locked up while the fundamental presume Babar Malik was departing suddenly. Board part Ainee Marri called attention to that the principle presume’s name was Abid Ali, however Sheik had consistently alluded to him as Babar Malik. 

“Is the primary suspect [named] Abid or Babar? You are researching this case and you don’t have a clue about the name of the principle suspect,” she said. 

Sheik said that if the casualty had called 15, police would have shown up in time. He said that a police group showed up at the scene quickly. The council said that in a past gathering, the board was informed that the police had shown up on the scene shortly, including that police proclamations were “conflicting” and were making “questions” about the investigation. 

Individuals from the board advised the CCPO Umar Sheik not to “misinform” the advisory group. 

“Indeed, even the US’ police can’t arrive at the site quickly, by what method can we?” Sheik reacted. 

CCPO Umar Sheik at that point apologized to the board and said that a joint meeting ought to be called so he can apologize to all legislators without a moment’s delay. 

This isn’t the first occasion when that the CCPO Umar Sheik has given questionable explanations with respect to the case. Prior, he had welcomed analysis when he pontificated that the casualty had neglected to avoid potential risk before embarking for her excursion.


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