In an offer to reduce heavy traffic issues in Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has trained the Engineering, Finance, and Planning offices to set up an attainability report for development plans. 

Purportedly, the venture will be done in stages. The main stage will remember the development of flyovers and underpasses for Margalla Road in F-10 and E-11, the zones with gridlock issues, particularly during top hours. The media report additionally proposes that the venture will start in February 2021. 

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On 17 December, the Minister of Interior, Sheik Rashid, requested the evacuation of all security check posts from the streets of Islamabad to encourage the progression of traffic. Subsequently, 18 of 21 check posts were quickly eliminated by the specialists. He told the media that the new shrewd watch vehicles would supplant the check posts. 

Sheik Rashid declared at a public interview yesterday that solitary three check posts, two close to lavish lodgings and one on Margalla Road, would stay utilitarian.


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