Centralizes punch-hole camera could become mainstream by next year

Centralizes punch-hole camera could become mainstream by next year
Centralizes punch-hole camera could become mainstream by next year

Different companies in recent times have employed different kinds of notched designs – all in an attempt to trim down bezels and give users an immersive user experience. Different OEMs have in recent times showed up with a notch design, pop-up selfie, flip camera mechanism, waterdrop notch and in more recent times, a punch-hole design. Samsung not only became the first ever OEM to adopt the punch-hole design, but it still is the only OEM to use the design on an OLED display. This may however change once the Vivo S5 makes its way into the market.

A tipster has now leaked images of what he says is the punch-hole design that may just be used in smartphones next year. The leak courtesy of Weibo quite explicitly shows that the punch-hole will actually be located right in the middle of the display. While it does a tad bit resemble the waterdrop notch design, this punch-hole is smaller. The tipster has also revealed that such a design will be used on phones that will be there for those on a budget.

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While it is of course a case of personal preferences, the leaked images which show a centralized punch-hole aren’t too convincing when it comes to the overall look of the device. In this regard, the waterdrop notch looks much better as well as much more convenient.

As we all know though, the smartphone industry is driven by trends so perhaps there is a possibility that this design may indeed turn out to be popular amongst the fans. Also, since rumors state that these centralized punch-holes will be found on budget phones, this too might bring excitement as there are no budget phones right now that employ a punch-hole. Will a punch-hole integrated right in the top middle of the phone be a success? We can only wait and see.


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