Well if many of you did not know, The Consumer Electronics Show is the most important annual event which takes place in terms of technology. This year about 180,000 people and over 4,500 companies from all over the world made their way to Las Vegas to show off their newest inventions to the world. The sheer volume of products that were available on display was breath taking. Moreover there were six trends which we thought can really influence the world a little way down the road.

  1. 5G

So as you know the fifth generation of wireless network connectivity to the Internet is on its way, to give you a even higher and more reliable connection to the internet. At the CES 2019, Qualcomm showed off its “beamforming” technology for increasing the 5G coverage, Moreover the company say that there are displays of ‘fixed wireless broadband systems’ for taking the relative infrastructure capability in to even the remote areas that the fibre optic cable can not reach and most importantly we are seeing devices which will have the capacity to work with the latter.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Well the present trend at the CES 2019 was the AI, the show was fully focused on the AI chipsets and their composite processors, and alongside the relative processors companies that are using this kit to embed the AI in to their products, in order to enhance the user experience. TV sets are using the AI to change the picture settings which depend on the light conditions or where viewers are in the room, Cameras use the AI to monitor the relative picture quality. Moreover, we will be seeing Artificial Intelligence in a lot more devices as we do down in time.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has been around for quite some time now and I am sure you are all wondering that what is going to change,  well for one thing the B2B product is shifting to B2C, and companies are looking forward to make the AR experience much better for their consumers. 

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  • Self Driving Cars?

The CES was all about the level three Self Driving cars and well level three is when the car is in full control, basically you do not need a driver anymore. The Self Driving cars fleets are looking ready to launch their services to the roads all over the world and we can thank the General Manager of Ford and Daimler for that.

  • Resilient Technology

A new sort of technology which emerged at the CES 2019 is what is being called by Koenig “resilient technologies”. Moreover, smart cities are vulnerable to many security issues, in particular cyber attacks but to also tsunamis and earthquakes. So what can people to do to counter these issues? Well Koenig has a whole range of products on show which can somewhat address these issues and help you get through them, in particular the Watergen which has won the Best Innovation Award at the CES, what it does? Well would you believe us we said that the invention creates water from air, well believe us because that is exactly what it ddoes.

CES 2019: Six trends that will change the World

  • 8K

So after 4K, 4K HDR and 3D televisions we are now heading for the next big thing in terms of the picture quality, The 8K. A key highlight of the CES was definitely the 8K technology and brands such as the mega giants Samsung are seemingly at the forefront of this particular trend. 4K just rolled out and well even that picture quality is mesmerizing, and well Koenig believes that we only need 8K because of the increasing sizes of TV screens. The average screen size in 2009 was 36 inches by the end of 2018 it is 49 inches which is a significant increase and well if you are looking for particularly large TV screen, say about 70 inches well 8K will suit that perfectly.


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