As the blasphemous and insolent content is heating up against the religion Islam, The interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has taken serious action to block such content from the social media sites. He said he would go to any extent to ban and remove such content from the websites. Serious action can be taken against the social media websites if they refuse to cooperate. These websites could be banned and suppressed if they don’t cooperate with the government of Pakistan.

The decision arrived at The High Court of Islamabad for the interior minister to take serious action and consider this situation. As the blasphemous content is hurting the majority of the country, it can be dangerous in that sense. Also not only in Pakistan the Muslims all over the world get hurt due to this content. Justice Shaukat Aziz of IHC mentioned that if this activity keeps on proceeding in the country then he would call the Prime Minister if necessary.

The interior minister made clear that this kind of blasphemous content won’t be allowed in the country to hurt the sentiments of people. Islamabad police have already registered a case against the owner of those specific facebook pages. Muslim ummah all over the world is consolidating this event and asking for the guilty ones to come up front. The interior minister mentioned that blasphemy a terrorism are two major issues of the country that won’t be tolerated at any cost. The minister observed that hurting a specific religion through

The minister observed that hurting a specific religion through internet is not a sensible thing to do. Ch Nisar Khan directed chairman PTA to make sure that foreign companies that operate and hold a control on social media websites should find a permanent solution against such scenarios. He also asked the chairman to inform the websites if they don’t cooperate government can ban these sites forever. Further actions could also be taken against them.


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