Changan Lumin Corn Launched In China With 301-km Range

Changan Lumin Corn 301-km Range And 7,300 USD Starting Price

With the official launch Changan Lumin Corn, another contender has entered the ultra-mini electric vehicle market (EV) in China. This tiny EV was first seen on our screens in April 2022, generating serious buzz among enthusiasts and general buyers.

Changan and CATL jointly developed the battery-electric city car Lumin Corn. The tiny electric vehicle competes with Wuling Honguang Mini EV and Chery QQ Ice Cream.


Base variants have a 12.92 kWh lithium ironphosphate (LFP), battery that provides 155 km range. The base variant comes with a 17.65-kWh LFP battery that can travel 210 km. The top-end variant comes with a 27.99-kWh LFP battery that can travel 301 km.

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All models have 41 horsepower (hp), and a top speed at 101 km/h.


Lumin Corn offers many useful and interesting features. The floating touch screen of 10.25 inches allows for navigation, phone, music, and auto-driving functions. You will also find hazard lights and an engine start/stop button. Climate control is available.

Changan Lumin Corn inner look

Lumin Corn’s exterior profile, unlike Wuling Mini EV is rounded and smooth. The Lumin Corn has smooth bumpers and circular headlights. This gives it a subtle, but appealing, appearance.

Lumin Corn is not the most technologically advanced car, but it offers all the essential features of a small-sized economy car.


Base variants cost 48,900 RMB (Rs. 1.48 Million). The RMB 53,900 (Rs.) price for the mid-range variant is RMB 53,000. 1.63 million, while the top-end version costs 69.800 (Rs. 2.12 million).

Lumin Corn is a class higher than Wuling mini EVs in terms of features and price. It was launched in China just recently, which has a high demand for small EVs. It will be launched in China, where the EV market is rapidly expanding.


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