It seems that OpenAI is facing challenges due to a surge in demand for its ChatGPT Plus service, particularly following the introduction of personalized chatbots known as GPTs. The increased usage has led to server failures and a degradation in service quality for existing ChatGPT Plus subscribers. To address this, OpenAI has temporarily halted new sign-ups for ChatGPT Plus to prevent further strain on its infrastructure and ensure a positive user experience for existing subscribers.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman acknowledged the capacity issues in a tweet, stating that the surge in usage post the recent developer conference had exceeded their capacity. The company aims to reopen subscriptions once they can manage the increased demand more effectively. Users experiencing issues, such as network errors and timeouts, have voiced their concerns on social media.


Altman’s recent interview with the Financial Times revealed the financial challenges OpenAI is facing. He emphasized the need for new investments to cover the substantial costs associated with operating and training ChatGPT. Altman expressed hope that Microsoft, a long-term partner that has already invested $10 billion in OpenAI, would continue to support the company. Altman highlighted the significant expenses involved in training artificial general intelligence (AGI), emphasizing the ongoing need for resources to advance towards AGI.

In summary, OpenAI is currently focused on addressing the surge in demand for ChatGPT Plus, managing server failures, and seeking additional investments to support the continued development and operation of their AI models.


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