Chery has recently unveiled its latest flagship SUV, the Exlantix ET, which is priced starting at approximately Rs 7.54 million. The Exlantix ET, known as the Sterra ET in the Chinese market, has garnered significant attention due to its advanced features and impressive performance capabilities.

Pre-sales for the Exlantix ET, part of Chery’s Exeed brand, commenced on April 15th, following its announcement last month. This medium-sized SUV is constructed on Chery’s E0X high-end electric platform, offering consumers both a pure electric version and an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) version.

With dimensions measuring 4955/1975/1698 mm and a wheelbase of 3000 mm, the Exlantix ET boasts a striking exterior design, featuring a closed grille, through-type headlights and taillights, and pop-out door handles—a design trend gaining popularity among electric vehicles.

Inside the cabin, drivers and passengers experience a luxurious environment filled with tech features. A large 15.6-inch central control screen serves as the focal point, integrating various modes such as baby, pet, and karaoke modes. The vehicle offers an array of premium features including zero-gravity seats, seat ventilation, heating, massage functions, a 23-speaker Lion Melody Max audio system, a 2.38㎡ sunroof, and a self-developed health monitoring system capable of real-time monitoring of passengers’ vital signs.

Performance-wise, the Exlantix ET shines with its dual front and rear electric motors, delivering a maximum power output of 183 kW for the front motor and 230 kW for the rear motor. It achieves an impressive acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.46 seconds. The vehicle’s battery pack, utilizing CATL’s new LFP 2.0 Shenxing battery, offers exceptional charging capabilities, even in extreme conditions.

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Safety and advanced driving assistance features are paramount in the Exlantix ET, equipped with 30 sensors and two Orin-X chips from NVIDIA. The vehicle supports various driving assistance functions including high-speed cruising assistance, urban cruising assistance, and parking assistance.

The Exlantix ET is available in several trims and pricing options, with the pure electric (BEV) series priced from Rs. 9.19 million to Rs. 12.65 million, and the extended-range electric series priced from Rs. 7.54 million to Rs. 9.19 million.

Chery has also introduced an array of pre-sale gifts and benefits for customers, including deposit discounts, free upgrades, cash subsidies, warranty services, rescue services, data traffic benefits, and loyalty rewards.


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