Chief Executive ICC completes two day visit to Pakistan

Chief Executive ICC

Board member of International Cricket Council (ICC) Chief Executive Manu Sawhney ended his two-day visit to Pakistan today after he attended two very important, positive and constructive meetings in Islamabad and Lahore. This visit was part of ICC’s initiative to meet all members and brief them on the process to be adopted for the allocation of ICC Events in the next cycle of events which shall be held from 2023 to 2031 and this cycle will account for eight men’s cricketing events, eight women’s events, four men’s U19 events and four Women’s U19 events in total 24 major events are to take place in that cycle alone. 

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Moreover, the meeting was held alongside Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials and the venue for the meeting was the National Cricket Academy. In addition to things, Sawhney and Jamieson made a detailed and comprehensive presentation of how they view the ICC’s expectations, criteria and selection process for the event hosts, including timelines for bid submissions. Sawhney in turn also briefed the PCB on the work which is underway by the ICC for promoting cricket through the ranks, promotion, development, global strategy, financial growth, and also briefed on the challenges world cricket faces as we speak. 

In this regard, PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan stated that  “We had positive, constructive and wide-ranging meetings with the ICC in relation to the 2023-2031 event cycle. As part of our vision, we want to push on and host a number of ICC global events during the next rights cycle, It was excellent to get an insight into the ICC’s expectations and requirements so that we can accordingly plan and prepare our bid document. He further mentioned that “We are determined and keen to host ICC events in the next events cycle and understand this will not be a straightforward project. As a responsible and key Member of the ICC, the PCB remains committed to playing its role in taking cricket to the next level,”. 


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