In other news China accused of planting spy chips in the US telecommunications network!

In other news China accused of planting spy chips in the US telecommunications network!
In other news China accused of planting spy chips in the US telecommunications network!

Bloomberg claims that China Super Micro gave them hardware which was loaded with spy chips and although the Super Micro have denied any such claims new allegations are still coming their way. It has now been revealed that Bloomberg have gotten their hands on the documents from a security researcher Yossi Appleboum that show evidence of an unnamed major US telecom finding “manipulated hardware” which is deemed to be installed by Super Micro inside the network of Bloomberg and according to Appleboum, there seemed to be illegal and unusual communications from a server that led the telecommunications agency to find an hidden implant in the server’s Ethernet jack. Furthermore it was discovered that the server had been tampered with at a factory in Guangzhou which became clear after a thorough inspection into the matter. It seems China has a habit of spying on other companies. These ‘other companies’ have also been a victim to China’s modifying hardware which they use for surveillance according to the security researcher.

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However if you think any company is affected and so will be more forthcoming in giving answers regarding any spyware then it might not be as easy as you think to get answers from them. AT&t, Sprint, T-Mobile have all denied being affected, with AT&T and Sprint actually stating that they have never used Super Micro hardware. Other companies include CenturyLink which is a cable provider has denied being a victim of the story. The claims about the spy chips has given a rise in questions Motherboard noted that Bloomberg’s security expert Joe Fitzpatrick had told the Risky Business  podcast that he’d been cut out of context and that the technical details were all just “theoretical”. In either case Bloomberg has not as yet provided any evidence to support their claims.

Bloomberg is however steadfast in their claims but it seems the story might not go much far than this. On top of the adamant corporate denials, Both the department of homeland security in the United States of America and The United Kingdom’s national security center have backed both companies by actually sticking to their claims. To put it simply it seems that no one is taking this matter seriously and like all great things this matter will also come to its inevitable end with both parties unsatisfied with their ventures.


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