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China AI industry

China answer to Google, Amazon, and Facebook is Baidu, AliBaBa, and Tencent, and these three companies aren’t just developing and deploying AI themselves, as their huge funds have lead to a range of AI companies, which focus on everything ranging from the likes of smart cities, to the likes of financing of education.

Just last week, a Chinese media outlet went on to publish a graphic which goes on to reveal the full extent to which the three companies have an involvement within China’s AI industry. The graphic went on to state that BAT invests in 53 percent of China’s 190 major AI companies.

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Looking at it one way, this shows that how far these three companies are looking to go in order to outdo one another. While each of these offer their respective area of expertise, the graphic and the statistics just go on to suggest how the three are challenging one another head-on, across dozens of industries.

From another perspective : their contributions and in their to bid outdo each other, these factors might as well turn out to be crucial for China’s bid to be the global leader in AI by the year 2030.

The graphics fully go on to suggest that BAT’s investment has gone on to prompt a top-heavy AI industry : with a huge number of companies dedicated to AI applications with far fewer looking to dedicate themselves to developing the technologies that underpin it.

China AI industry

This top-heaviness is frowned upon by some experts, with some of them warning of the consequences. China’s impressive rise in the AI department is currently buoyed by the country’s abundance in both date and lax views on privacy. For the short time at least – both of these conditions make the country a fertile ground for the highly profitable machine-learning applications. However, the country is still lagging behind the States in the nation’s ability to expand existing AI capabilities done through fundamental research. In the long term at least, this could end up showcasing on how much China will continue to benefit from the AI revolution.


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