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China plans to launch moon-mining missions

China is planning to launch new moon missions and even extract a mineral from the moon’s surface. China has already begun considering three moon orbiters over about 10 years.

It is believed that the Chang’e-5 missions in 2020 found and purchased back a brand new form of the mineral phosphate in columnar crystal called Changesite-(Y). It contains helium-3. The new phosphate may be the possibility of a new source of energy. Bloomberg reported that the nation is also looking to establish an international moon-based research station.

Russia as well as the US have found five moon-based minerals in the past. However, his latest discovery is different from the ones that have been discovered previously.

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The phosphate contains columnar crystals that have no properties, and could serve as the foundations for future moon-based agriculture. The helium-3 in this mineral has, could be a potential future source of energy.

China’s space ambitions and missions have grown over time including its space station, and its accomplishment of landing an Rover Zhurong to Mars at the end of 2021.


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