The only thing China does better than making new technology, is to keep shut about it. They don’t make rounds on social media or have any sort of political presence which might draw attention from competitors. While, Korea and the US are in the tech race, China aims to slide the rug from beneath them and take the victory, as they always do, quietly.

5G has been the thing of 2019 and even though it is still inconsistently introduced, because of the complicated infrastructure needed to support the latest wireless communication, it has still managed to come to numerous cities around the world and now its China’s time.

This puts China neck and neck with South Korea, as the largest 5G network in the world, based on the number of 5G base stations,” said Stephane Teral, an analyst at IHS Markit. “No-one is close to (China’s 5G footprint).

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The initial plan was to launch 5G in December, however, the surprise announcement was made by a technology conference in Beijing which stated that 5G services will be available through China’s three major telecom providers on Friday. Add the 50 cities to which China plans to get this tech to by the end of the year, and you would realise the dedication that China has towards its technology advancement without having to compete with anyone, because lets be honest here, they are in a league of their own.

The deployment of 5G in China in like nothing else in the world. Unlike the release of 5G in other parts of the world, it is in its experimental stage and no massive scale operation is planned uptill now. However, China has introduced it on a large scale which will distinguish itself from the world and show the real potential of 5G and the customer response.


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