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China set to recognize Gaming as a Profession for people

So not long ago, China had to control the amount of gaming people were involved in after the country faced a lot of problems. The epic rise in the cases of gaming addiction, especially amongst the teenagers of the country caused problems for many parents as well as for the relative government who could see the negative affects that gaming had on the lives of those teenagers. It is estimated that over 24 million teenagers have been affected with the problem of excessive gaming addiction. The government, Moreover blames the country’s widespread intellectual problems that these teenagers face on the excessive use of gaming consoles.

Now as a result of these circumstances, the government has taken several measures to control the tide of things. These measures seem to be working at the moment as the Chinese Government is now reportedly planning to recognize video game as an official and honorable(wink wink) profession. Moreover these are latest measures taken by the government thus far at reigniting the spark in the country’s gaming sector after a nine month ban was imposed on game approvals. Furthermore the Chinese Occupation Skill Testing Authority (OSTA) took this decision on the 25th of January, when it released a list of new job titles which are related to the field of Gaming.

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These job titles cover an array of fields, from artificial intelligence (AI) to internet of things (IoT). Cloud engineers are also included as well as big data analysts and the title all gamers were waiting for, the job title of a Professional Gamer. The list was created on the 25th of January and has been created for internal evaluation and will be open for input from the general public till the 30th of January. All of this comes after the government official lifted up the embargo they set for the approval of video games. As of right now, since the embargo ended China’s broadcasting regulator have issued four batches of video game liscences in the past month.

China set to recognize Gaming as a Profession for people

Now according to the OSTA, prospective professional gamers who are also known as the e-sports players, will be participating in Gaming competitions, they can work as training partners and can also aid the provision of data analysis for the industry


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