China Thanks Tesla, the Asians Will Take It From Here

China Thanks Tesla, the Asians Will Take It From Here

Tesla made a move that no one thought could be feasible. It not only took on traditional carmakers, but also the famous EV company made highly successful auto manufacturers want to take over it. The battle continues. However, what most people aren’t anticipating is that China will play a role in this, and it’s a crucial one. In addition, the Asian nation could be the one to provide us with a new king.

Look at the current market conditions. There’s geopolitical turmoil everywhere. Many world economic powerhouses are facing internal issues to address and our societies are getting back to normal after the health crisis. A second one is looming due to chronically ill patients were not treated for long periods of time and there’s a gap between those who are extremely wealthy and those who have at least two or three jobs and barely make enough to survive. This isn’t a pleasant picture.

The situation of inflation is prevalent across all developed economies. It’s not just happening within the U.S.; Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Turkey, and India are all experiencing rising costs of living. The power that drives our homes, lifestyles and offices is one of the reasons that are causing this situation. No one is comfortable any more. Most people are looking for the worst because of what’s happening in the world around us and reported almost every day by news channels around the globe. The market for stocks has already been undergoing a decline as well.

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That made me think – where is that Tesla Model 3 Standard Range was promised to us? It was supposed to be innovative. It was a vehicle that incorporated the idea that electric personal transport would become something that everyone would want and wants in the long run. It was meant as the electric car that made the switch from gas fuel-guzzlers a simple decision. Take a look! The car is priced at $46,990! It’s a 267-mile drive with a rear-wheel-drive model that is significantly more expensive than we’d been promised.

My devastation is unimaginable and my day has been destroyed
“I believe it’s a great idea to get affordable cars. (…) It’s an excellent idea. (…) I believe that the only place it will become a challenge in the future is when the cost of gasoline increases, the cost of buying the car will be significantly less of a concern than the expense of operating the vehicle ,” stated Elon Musk when he was interviewed during which the topic was Ratan Tata and his vision to create the Nano nano – a car that cost $2300 and was extremely well-equipped to a CNG (CNG) tank, which makes it a much cheaper option than a gasoline-powered counterpart.

Today, Elon Musk is buying social media companies. He believes in the freedom to speak, travel in space and the development of technologies to aid in the growth in the brain of humans. He even sold a few Tesla shares to purchase the platform on the internet and last week advised followers of his to buy shares of companies they believe are “trending more negatively.”

Where’s my electric car that cost $35,000? This would’ve enormously helped our urban communities. Where is the latest and better battery’s chemistry, or better bargains for lower-cost parts? Where are the stores as well as the long-term repairs? Why can’t this genius utilize his talents to create Tesla the top of them all and cater to all types of customers? It’s not for everyone however almost everyone has an automobile. Make it an Model 3 that’s not going to make you a burden. No? Ok, then.

However, at time’s end, Elon Musk will not be bothered. He never did. In all likelihood, you can name a large company or CEO who cared about their customers. It’s a profit-driven world. This is the reality. Aiming for expensive models that have high-profit margins makes business more profitable for the latest Apple-like car company. The people are willing to pay the extra amount because they’ve got plenty of cash, therefore why don’t we allow them to do it? However, that’s exactly where everyone is wrong.

The country is currently testing market with a variety of deals. Lynk & Co. offers extremely attractive subscriptions for its vehicles, and Volvo is advancing with support from Geely. American as well as European automakers are trying to meet the demands of the Chinese market and this is happening even at the cost to Western customers.

Everything points to Asia. They may very well be the next leaders of the world in the automobile sector, if not all areas that matter to everyone. And it’s not just China. Vietnam is moving in this direction too through VinFast.

However, Tesla and the companies following in its footsteps such as Rivian, Lucid, and Canoo aren’t concerned with affordability. They’re counting on the desireability of their customers which will create a stimulant for international expansion in the auto industry. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s already happening. It’s happening already. In some time and it’ll reach the remotest regions of our small connected world.

It could happen quicker than the experts expected.
A price of more than $100k for electric vehicle isn’t something that will last. It’s going to end sooner than later. If it doesn’t stop happening, China will sweep everyone off their feet, or better in this instance wheels. Perhaps that’s the reason Elon Musk is actively choosing to put his energy into something aside from creating Tesla even more efficient and accessible.

It’s possible to oppose me But China is home to the basic materials, battery makers, a myriad of new car manufacturers and established brands in the auto industry A government that doesn’t want to lose both domestically and abroad and is prepared to go through any hurdles that are necessary to do so and is in a close proximity with the world’s largest chip maker Taiwan and an abundance of capital. China is going to feed all of us for breakfast.


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