India has been taking on the headlines quite a lot lately and mainly for all the wrong reasons. India has destroyed any hope of a peaceful future of the sub-continent with its changes in Kashmir which has made people around the world and people in India really angry. However, along with all that mess India has also proposed a possibility of banning Huawei following US ban on Huawei products to which China has not remained silent and instantly spoken up about reverse sanctions if India were to act upon its proposal.

Not just China but Other countries also tried to follow suit when US placed ban on Huawei products due to security concerns, but China is a global market superpower and was quick to shun anyone who threatened to ban its products with China replying with a possibility of sanctions in return as well. With regards to India, China does not have a very active partnership with Indian companies but the 1.3 billion people in India are seen as a big future market for Chinese products and China fears that it would be a huge loss if Huawei was to get banned from India. In any situation where New Delhi plans to ban Huawei products, China would be replying back with market restrictions and regulatory hurdles from China should Beijing follow through on its threats. A similar ban has been put on Australian products because of its ban on Huawei.

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India might be digging itself a big grave if it were to become US’s pet in the sub-continent because that would lead to massive investments in Pakistan and other neighbouring countries increasing the pressure on India. Therefore, it might be best for India to keep cordial relations with its neighbours, both China and Pakistan.

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