China to ship a massive amount of 5G smartphones in 2020

China to ship a massive amount of 5G smartphones in 2020
China to ship a massive amount of 5G smartphones in 2020

China has not only been amongst the very first to adopt 5G networking, but the country has also been the forefront for being one of the largest userbases of 5G enabled handsets. And now, a new report coming in from analysts goes on to suggest that China’s 5G shipments will see an even further rise and will go on to reach 140 million units by the end of this year.

In accordance with what Counterpoint Research has had to say – China accounted for the shipment of nearly 14 million 5G enabled units of smartphones back in July of this year. This represents an amount which is triple to that which was managed just a few months prior in January. Also, this number went on and make up about 50 percent of the country’s total smartphone shipments. Most of the new launches that have made their way from OEMs have gone on to target the 5G handset market which has gone on to increase in immense fashion within the region – especially flagship models.

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Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi have helped boost the shipments of devices that go on and support newer as well as faster bandwidth while emerging brands such as Realme and OnePlus also have been known to play a major role within the market. Combined, these companies managed to accumulate a total of 79 percent of the global 5G shipments back in the month of July – compared to the 72 percent that was managed in the second quarter. Though this dominance might soon fall as Apple too is looking to get into the game as the tech giant will soon be launching its very first 5G enabled lineup in the coming weeks.

Another factor which of course has gone on to boost the 5G handset market is the accessibility that it brought forward – this of course arriving when 5G chips were built for both entry level as well as mid-range devices.


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