In latest news surrounding the investment in Pakistan, the Rahmat group have signed an agreement with a very well known Chinese electric vehicle company known as  BYD, for the assembly of EVs in our very own, Pakistan.Pakistan has yet again achieved a remarkable stepping stone which will definitely bring a lot of benefits to country’s population, they achieved this in the automotive sector and users would be happy to know that a wide range of electric vehicles are coming Pakistan’s way. The world is constantly developing cheaper and much more environment friendly substitutes of fuel and after looking at the growing popularity of electric vehicles around the globe, a group of investors in Pakistan are very much interested in bringing this technology home.

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Both companieshave in turn announced a joint venture between the two and this will be seen as a massive breakthrough in the Pakistan’s auto sector. Moreover, the Chinese manufacturing giants will assemble cars, vans, coaches, buses and in addition to the vehicles they will also be developing batteries, chargers and other related products. The company have also shared the benefits of EVs with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan through a letter according to the CEO of Rahmat Group, Mr. Shaukat Qureshi.The letter consists of  information on how the general public will be able to save money through once they start using these EV’s. The motorcyclists will be able to save around Rs. 4,000 each month and people owning a car will be able to save around Rs. 25,000-30,000, which in a country such as Pakistan is a lot of money being saved by the general public.

Furthermore, the Electric vehicles designed by the company do not require any fuel and have zero cost maintenance wise. This kind of saving will be seen in the general use of buses or coaches with an estimated saving of Rs. 300,000-500,000 every month. EVs will also prove to be beneficial for the environment as they produce zero emissions and will help control air pollution and global warming, which in Pakistan is a major concern.BYD also have an entrenched network around the world and they are currently based in over 200 cities in more than 50 countries all over the world.So all in all such investment in Pakistan and the overall product mentioned above will bring about a lot of potential benefits for the people of the country.


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