Chinese Companies introducing new Technologies like Smart Grid, AMI and OMS to control T&D Losses in Power Sector in Pakistan

Energy losses in transmission and distribution sector in Pakistan exceed 18%, which is one of the highest in the world. Now when under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project US$ 15.5 billion worth of coal, wind, solar and hydropower projects will add 10,400 MW of energy to the National Grid, the real challenge left in the power sector is managing the upgrading of the transmission, distribution and metering sector efficiently. There is a need to implement Smart Grid technologies to close the increasing gab between demand and supply, reduce high level of losses, and tap into the enormous renewable energy potential and to automate power transmission & distribution.

Smart grid concepts are a result of the convergence of information and communication technologies with electric power technologies. Smart grids with the potentials they provide, especially in load communication and control, release numerous opportunities for better utilisation of available resources, including renewable energies and energy saving possibilities.

Therefore, it is imperative to focus on smart grid technologies, which will enable DISCOs to manage the load through both supply and demand side interventions. Smart grids are a significant technology enabler, which could allow consumers to participate in energy usage decisions while optimising grid operations and increase reliability.

The special panel of Experts of Henen Kosen Enterprise Development Company-China will make a presentation on smart grid devices, utilisation of technology & software. Discussion on  different aspects of Smart Grid such as, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Outage Management System (OMS), Peak Load Management System (PLMS), Renewable Energy (RE) Integration etc. Smart grid Technology is used to achieve advanced asset management (AAM), which can enhance asset utilisation, efficiency and improve system reliability. Electrical equipment maintenance is one of the most important tasks in asset management. Various methods of on-line condition monitoring of electrical equipment with the development of computers, sensors and other advanced monitoring technologies, conditions of overhead lines can be consistently monitored and condition-based maintenance (CBM) can be implemented. Experts of Henen Kosen will share the experience use of Smart Grid technologies In China for various maintenance techniques which improves performance of power system.

In the panel discussions, the Chinese experts will debate Smart Grid Policies needed to encourage innovation, incentives required for DISCOs and NTDC to achieve energy efficiency, load management and conservation initiatives, required incentives to attract private players.

To provide a platform to consider these and other related topics, the SDPI will bring together industry and utility leaders together with global experts and suppliers of technology to discuss the promises accessible for the country by smart grid technologies and related industries. The penal, which will include a documentary, will end with its recommendations that summarise the deliberations and the visions expressed in the different sessions to provide guidance for electricity sector stakeholders to the opportunity that lies ahead. The experts are visiting Pakistan to attend Sustainable Development Conference being organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) Islamabad from 6-8 December, 2016 at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad.

Objective: The main focus of this thematic track would be to discuss the various issues pertaining to adaptation of smart grid technologies including functionalities, cost–benefit analysis, skilled manpower, affordability, etc. The outcome of this event is intended to develop a strategy report/roadmap that will enable Ministry of Water & Power, NDTC and other Electricity Distribution Companies (DESCOs) to implement smart grid functionalities.

The broad area of this thematic track would cover the following topics

  • Various Smart Grid Basic and Technologies , Smart Grid Experiences in China
  • Program and Policies on Smart Grid for Pakistan
  • Training Opportunities in Smart Grid for CEOs of DISCO
  • Regulatory Aspects and Current Challenges in Smart Grid Deployment
  • Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Pairing with Smart Grids Technologies.
  • Smart Grids in Megacities: Global and Chines Perspectives.
  • Continental Industrial Prospects and Hurdles in Smart Grid Technologies.
  • The Role of Government and Financial Institutions in the Industry Development.

Electric/print media is requested to give suitable place to this bulletin being life line for Pakistan to address the Energy Sector issues in Pakistan.


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