Chip shortage to extend beyond that of December 2021?

Chip Shortage 2021

The global chip shortage with respect to important components as far as a wide array of tech products are concerned, as it seems, it yet to abate, as multiple reports are now suggesting that the global chip shortage that has haunted manufacturers for quite the while now, will end up extending beyond December of this year. Arm CEO in Simon Segars views the worsening situation as possible of harming sales of tech products, which also includes smartphones during the year-end festive period. The executive views the widening gap between both supply and demand as the worst he has ever seen.

The global glut is then even expected to extend beyond that of December next year as chipmakers continue to fight the unfulfilled orders coming in from the manufacturers. The ARM boss also feels then that consumers will indeed be affected in getting their orders for devices on schedule. The views coming in from the CEO are not at all different from those which are held by industry experts as well as chipmakers themselves.

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The chip shortage is actually seen to be worsening all the more in some cases, and hence is affecting the deadlines and also stalling the critical aspects of the production schedule. While it is indeed rather difficult to ascertain the level of damage that the chip shortage has done thus far, but it could indeed be rising. Some of the heavy hitters that are found to be present in the chipmaking business have actually continued to expand their operations as well as their technologies in order to address the global crisis that has been taking place for a long time now. As a matter of fact, some governments have even ended up with interventions in order to monitor as well as enhance the supply chain in order to curb inefficiencies and the delays that are found in the supply chain. 


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