The chip giant Nvidia Corp on Tuesday unveiled its latest computing platform, DRIVE Thor which will help centralize assisted and autonomous driving and other digital features like entertainment in the car.

Nvidia is a major participant in both the gaming chip market and the artificial Intelligence (AI) market has made significant progress in the automobile industry which is a major growth area that the business.

Danny Shapiro, head of Nvidia’s automotive division told us that DRIVE Thor will be able to replace a variety of cables and chips inside the car , and lower the overall cost of the system however, he didn’t provide specific figures on the savings.

“You could imagine an enormous savings in terms of costs due to reduced cabling, the weight reduction, as well as a reduction in energy consumption,” Shapiro said during the briefing session.

Certain automakers have started work on their own chips, allowing more control and reduce costs.

General Motor’s autonomous vehicle Cruise this week announced that it was developing its own chips that will be used by 2025. Cruise is currently using Nvidia chips.

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One of the first customers Nvidia revealed for DRIVE Thor is China’s Geely owned (GEELY.UL) ZEEKR.

Shapiro revealed that the company’s current computer system, dubbed DRIVE Orin is expected to be utilized in Chinese automobile manufacturer XPeng’s latest smart SUV, as well as Chinese autonomous driving company QCraft.

This raises concerns over the likelihood that Chinese customers will continue in their access to Nvidia technology following the new U.S. ban on exports of two of the top Nvidia processing chips used in Data centers in China.

“There’s plenty of businesses that are doing amazing work, working to help humanity, and we’d like to be there to help these companies,” Shapiro said. “In the instances where we have products for the data center which is not able to export We’re working with Chinese customers to develop an appropriate alternative product.”


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