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Classical music app promised by Apple by 2022, but time is running out

Apple announced the acquisition of Primephonic in August 2021. At the time, Apple said it planned to launch a dedicated Classical Music app this year, but now that the end of the year is inching closer, Apple is running out of time to launch the app.

Apple Music announced in a press release shared last year that it planned on launching a dedicated classical music app in 2017 that would be integrated with Primephonic’s classical user interface, which fans loved for its additional features, combined with Apple Music’s dedicated classical music app. Since then, Apple has not mentioned the plan at all.

Classical music app promised by Apple by 2022, but time is running out

It is expected that the app will provide users with a collection of classical music such as Beethoven and Mozart which will replace Primephonic.

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In the beginning, Primephonic’s website stated that it had been “developing an amazing new classical music experience for Apple to release in the first half of next year,” but the wording “early next year” was changed to “next year” on March 9, 2022.

There was an end to Primephonic’s service in September 2021, when subscribers received six months of Apple Music for free, which replaced Primephonic’s service. It seems that Apple may have planned to launch a classical music app at an event this March, but that did not happen, which means Primephonic users will be able to listen to Apple Music through the month of February.

Classical music app promised by Apple by 2022, but time is running out

The code for “Open in Apple Classical” was found in the beta version of the Apple Music app for Android back in February. It was then discovered, in May, that the beta version of iOS 15.5 contained two similar settings to “Open in Apple Classical” and “A Shortcut to Apple Classical”. As a result of these developments, it would appear that Apple is going to name the app “Apple Classical” rather than “Apple Music Classical”.

It has been reported that a number of references to the Classical app were found in an XML file on Apple’s servers in late September. There is no word on whether the app will be included as part of iOS or will be released separately on the App Store.

As of now, Apple Classical’s fate is still unknown, and they may launch the app within the next few weeks or two, the launch may be delayed until 2023, or the app may never be launched again.


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