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Clubhouse removes personal info from Afghan users’ accounts

Just earlier in the week, social media giant Facebook went on to introduce tools so as to help people in Afghanistan lock down their accounts. Clubhouse which is yet another social media app, is now doing the same thing. Indeed the company took to Twitter to announce that it was proactively making some changes to the privacy settings for the users based in Afghanistan. Specifically, for those users who “haven’t been active” Clubhouse is actually hiding their photo as well as their bios and hence making it more and more difficult for others to find their account is search.

Users though are indeed then free to add any information if they do indeed feel comfortable enough sharing, and they also have the power to reach out to support so as to make their account “more discoverable.” As has been noted by the Verge, Clubhouse goes on to claim that all the actions that it has taken are reversible and that these changes won’t affect users’ followers. The company also claims that users can make use of pseudonyms rather than real names for the sake of safety purposes.

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This move from Clubhouse comes just after a month the company shifted from Beta and hence opened its service for pretty much everyone. More crucially though, the move comes as the Taliban has taken control of the capital of Afghanistan in Kabul. Indeed the militant is also making use of social media so as to help change perceptions that people hold about it. Since the US still considers the Taliban a terrorist organization, Facebook has taken upon itself to ban all the content that has made its way from the group. And while there hasn’t exactly been a statement from Clubhouse in a similar vein to that of Facebook, it is rather clear that the company is indeed thinking about how to protect its users in the region.


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