CM Punjab’s Helicopter Trips Cost 272% More than CM KPK

CM Punjab’s Helicopter Trips Cost 272% More than CM KPK

The fuel cost for Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar’s helicopter trips is 272% more than that of CM KPK Mehmood Khan. 

As per the information from June to November 2019 gained by writer Shehzad Yousafzai through right-to-data (RTI) demand, Buzdar set out on 68 trips worth Rs. 3.73 million. CM Punjab flew for 51 hours and 55 minutes among June and November a year ago, costing Rs. 72,000 every hour to the exchequer. 

In addition, CM Buzdar was joined by 235 individuals during the 68 visits which acquired an expense of Rs. 15,906 for each traveler to the exchequer. 

Then again, Mehmood Khan loaded onto 77 flights worth Rs. 1.40 million during a similar period. CM KPK flew for 72 hours and 50 minutes, acquiring an expense of Rs. 19,264 every hour. 

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CM KPK was joined by 192 individuals during 77 visits which acquired an expense of Rs. 7,314 for each traveler to the exchequer. 

In 2019, Shehzad Yousafzai had presented the solicitation to get information about the helicopter goes of CM Punjab and KP at Chief Minister Secretariat Lahore and KP’s Administration Department individually under the regions’ RTI laws. 

Chief Minister Secretariat Lahore dismissed Shehzad’s solicitation at first, contending that Section 13 of the Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 awards an exception to CM Office. Be that as it may, Shehzad stopped a grumbling in Punjab Information Commission and had the option to get the mentioned data from the CM Office. 

KP’s Administration Department took over 8 months to process Shehzad’s solicitation. It must be noticed that KP’s RTI law requires all solicitations to be handled inside 14 days. 

Shehzad had additionally mentioned similar information from Chief Minister Sindh’s Secretariat. In any case, the Secretariat presently can’t seem to react to Shehzad’s solicitation.


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