Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday passed on affirmation about the Army’s help for the plans being made by the bureaucratic and the commonplace governments to determine Karachi’s urban and framework issues, said an announcement gave by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).
The military boss, who came to here on a two-day visit, was flown over the city for a flying surveillance of the effect of urban flooding in Karachi, said the announcement. Later he was advised about the circumstance at the Karachi Corps base camp. 

“On landing in Karachi, COAS was flown over the city for ethereal observation of the ground effect of urban flooding in Karachi,” it said. “Afterward, COAS visited Karachi Corps Headquarters. COAS was informed about most exceedingly terrible urban flooding in the ongoing history of Karachi and Army’s help to common organization across Sindh and especially Karachi. COAS was advised that uncommon downpours combined with many years of urban blockage, spontaneous populace settlement just as infrastructural issues exacerbated the issue.” 

Gen Bajwa on this event said that no city in Pakis­tan could adapt to a characteristic disaster of this scale. 

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“Our issue isn’t non accessibility of assets however fixing needs,” the announcement cited him as saying. “The plans being made by the administrative and commonplace governments will have Army’s full scale uphold as having future repercussions on financial security of the nation. This regular cataclysm gave chance to set the need for the board of uber urban areas across Pakistan to dodge such calamities in future.” 

The military boss communicated fulfillment over the pace of catastrophe alleviation work and coordinated that work need ought to be given to zones of basic open utility and most noticeably terrible hit networks. 

“A no point impact of a specific area or network ought to be permitted to move consideration or assets from those out of luck. It’s a public debacle and everybody is in it together,” he said. 

He emphasized that the Army would not frustrate the individuals in their period of scarcity. Gen Bajwa acknowledged army troops for keeping up peace, especially during Muharram. “The harmony in public monetary center Karachi is crucial for security and steadiness of Pakistan. Endeavors will keep on keeping up regularity in Karachi and the region,” he said. 

Afterward, the announcement stated, the military boss associated with resigned senior officials and serving army officials. He valued the officials for their commitment to guard and security of the nation. 

Prior, on landing in Karachi, Gen Bajwa was gotten by Corps Commander of Karachi, Lt Gen Humayun Aziz.


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