KPK: Over 55 colleges in the Province are set up on Political means which is proving costly for the Provincial Government!

So the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  is spending large amounts of money on the students of scores of colleges set up at undesirable locations in the province over the years due to the political considerations that have been put in place and it is starting to create problems for the provincial government.

The documents that are currently in the hands of Dawn News  show us that every student rolled in to 56 of the province’s total 250 colleges costs the government about  Rs10,000 a month which is seemingly a cause of concern for the Provincial Government.

In addition to that the  College Wise Strength and Salary Budget 2018-19 document prepared by the finance department of the province, show us that the Government Girls Degree College, Haripur, which has 161 students and 126 staff members, is spending around Rs50,000 on every student on a monthly basis and the Government Commerce College, Dagar, Buner district, has also been reported to have a very big impact on the province. Rs30,000 is being spent every month on every student of the college, which was established in 2017 and has a total of only 82 students and 46 staff members which is quite alarming, with all due respect.

Moreover an official came out and state that those colleges were set up in the past without following any relative  criteria and were set up to simply  please the influential people and hence, the government are now suppose to spend large amounts of money on the small number of students in the university and the problem with such university is that quality education is not guaranteed.

He further added that in the future, a college would be established in the area, where at least 250 students were available for admission to the first years of intermediate and bachelor of studies courses. The official added that the presence of feeder schools was necessary for taking admission to new colleges

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Furthermore, it has been reported that people in the finance and planning and development departments stated that the public sector universities and colleges were set up by political governments with the intentions to appoint there own people to high-end posts in the university. They said every college was established at a cost of Rs250 million, which sometimes went down the drain due to inaccessibility or its establishment near a functional college. All in all the addition of such colleges has really been expensive for the government as a whole and that is the main problem the finance department of the province is facing.

KPK: Over 55 colleges in the Province are set up on Political means which is proving costly for the Provincial Government!

What should not be forgotten is the fact that a lot of “Influential people” have placed there people in such universities which is a real cause of concern for the educational system of Pakistan. Such universities and there establishment can never guarantee quality education to the students and well that may prove fatal for the young generation of this time and the future.

Lets hope the provincial government can find a suitable solution to this problem!

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