OPPO has finally started the process concerning the roll out of the ColorOS 5.2.1 update for the OPPO R15, along with the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Edition. The update will obviously be welcomed by all users of the phones, as it will bring along quite a handful of features with it, and these will contain the likes of Hyper Boost, along with some AI features.

Take notice of the fact that the update is actually a staged rollout, hence it actually might take some days before it finally goes on to hit your device. While the changelog is quite an extensive one, I will go on to list some of the features that the update will bring, and these will include :

AI Assistant

  1. Wake voice assistant if you go on to hold the power button for 0.5s.
  2. Usage of the AI assistant in order to scan words, along with translation of images, scanning of documents, as well as the answering of questions etc etc.
  3. Smart car mode – this will automatically go on to detect whether or not you are driving and blocks all the notifications and reminders in the case where you are.

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  1. Hyper Boost
    1. Smart Sidebar – this will go on to add the frequently-used apps to the smart sidebar, and this sidebar can be easily accessed just by swiping from the side of the screen.
    1. New restart feature – long pressing the power button and swiping up go reboot in the shutdown interface.
    1. Application Quick Freeze – Go on to freeze all the idle apps in an attempt to freeze resource and reduce power consumption.


  1. The new video editing tool will go on to allow the users to adjust the speeds of the video,and also will allow the users to add themes as well as effects to the videos.

ColorOS 5.2.1 update starts to roll out for the OPPO R15 series


  1. The added SOS emergency feature will be enabled when the power button will be pressed five times in quick succession. This will go on to automatically call the present emergency number, and will also send your location and photo to the number provided.


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