Comcast Corp. initiated a new cloud-based service on Monday that permits users to manage and monitor their Wi-Fi handling as the largest cable supplier in the U.S. looks for ways to enhance customer loyalty in its broadband industry.

Connected devices are the growing trend in today’s world. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), there will be over 20 Billion connected things globally by the end of 2020. That is why; many companies are into this business these days. A Philadelphia-based corporation, Comcast, is also one such company. For this reason, Comcact initiated A New WiFi Service as Connected Devices nurture in order to perk up the Wi-Fi experience at homes.

“By 2020, Americans will have an average of 50 connected devices in their homes.”

Comcast stated that in 2016, it had approximately 24.7 million high-speed internet customers while around 22.5 million video customers.

Brian Roberts the Comcast’s CEO said that:

“We have more broadband customers than we do video, and the rate of that growth is pretty exciting in broadband. Comcact’s broadband business grew 10.1 percent in the first quarter ended March 31.”

This XFi will trim down the customer defections and will also assist in reducing churn. As right now customers across the world have a complaint about the Wi-Fi.

Comcast intended to provide best internet connectivity at homes so that they can have high-quality experience of connected devices in upcoming years.


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