Comment thread the latest addition to the Instagram app

Comment thread the latest addition to the Instagram app

In the latest turn of events, the latest Instagram update has seen the addition of the comment thread. What this basically means is that you will no longer have to add usernames infront of you replies – the app will now display them in threads.

This lack of comment threads, prior to this particular update was a huge problem that many users faced.  When you hit reply, it simply adds the Instagram handle of the user to whom you’re replying, and before you know it, your photo is flooded with disorganized conversations and hyperlinked usernames. It would make so much more sense if they were displayed in threads. Facebook has been doing this for quite the while now, and due to the fact that Facebook owns Instagram, it was weird to see why the feature was not brought to Instagram a while ago, however, now this has clearly changed, as with the recent update, the Instagram version 24, the photo-sharing app will now group conversations together, and all in all, attraction of the app has certainly increased.

As mentioned above, with the latest Instagram update, your replies will automatically be grouped right underneath each thread. When there are more than a handful of replies that come your way under a comment, Instagram will tell you how many replies there are, instead of showing the entrie content, which was the case prior to the update. Not only is this a more efficient way of showing you exactly what is going on, but this is also a cleaner method to tell the whole of the story, but of course, everyone has their own opinions and preferences.

The update will be soon available, as a matter of fact, it is probably only a matter of weeks before the update rolls out, so watch this space.



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