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Companies Offer Tuition Perks to Part-Time Employee

Nowadays many students could not afford their tuition fee and do part time jobs to earn some good amount to pay their fees. However it is quite difficult to manage both work and study.

On the other hand, for companies employees’ retention is the biggest problem to tackle with.

To overcome this resistance, now many reputable companies offer their tuition benefit programs to their employees.

According to the outcomes of different surveys it is really beneficial to offer some kind of tuition benefit to retain employees.

Companies use tuition these types of programs as a retention tool.

To offer this kind of tuition programs for employees, companies normally partner with an institution – typically one with online classes.

Most of the employers need employees to work minimum 20 hours a week. Take an example of Starbucks and other companies – require employees to work at least of 20 hours per week to meet the criteria for the tuition program.

UPS covers 100 percent of tuition for me,” says the 19-year-old, who works at the company’s Worldport for about 20 hours a week. All of this was not possible without the help of the Metropolitan College/UPS program; Hummel attends the University of Louisville tuition-free.

“My schedule is a little different, but I’m still able to do all the normal things students do,” says the debt-free sophomore, who plans to go on with the course up until her last semester during her senior year when she has to tutor for the term.

Before the launch of Metropolitan College program by UPS Inc. in 1998, the usual employee retention was about two months, says Mike Mangeot, a spokesman for UPS Air. Now the worker retention can be as extended as four years when the person completes the tuition-aid program, he added.

If you can work as a part time employee at Inc more than 20 hours weekly then you are eligible for the company’s Career Choice program. The course pays up to $6,000 over four years for a part-time worker to get an associate degree or occupational certification.

“The Career Choice program is very helpful because Amazon prepays the tuition costs and also helps with related fees and especially the books. The books are really expensive,” says Robin Speed, from Hebron, Kentucky, who works as part time employee at Amazon to get facilitate for her nursing studies.

“I was looking specifically for part-time work that would fit my personal schedule and still allow me to go to school, so I could pursue my dream of becoming a nurse.” The 46-year-old who attends the Northern University of Kentucky adds that she chose to work at Amazon, in part, for the reason of its tuition-assistance program.


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