Huawei is under a lot of scrutiny from American companies, and after the ban by the government companies have started to boycott Huawei. That started off with Google pulling off its Android collaboration with Huawei although the Android source code would be available allowing Huawei build its own on top of that. However, the Huawei devices wont be receiving any security patches or any updates and it is now all on Huawei to deal with software as well. Then came the ban from chipmakers like Qualcomm and ARM, both of whom help Huawei in manufacturing its Kirin Processors which might be a huge blow to the company, which uses the Kirin processors for every one of its devices. Inorder to combat that issue, Huawei has stepped up its orders from Japanese and Korean chipmakers like Toshiba memory and SK Hynix so that chips could be made readily available in the absence of Huawei’s go-to chip manufacturers. A breath of fresh air is the reports that claim that TSMC (Taiwan SemiConductor Manufacturing CO LTD) would stand by Huawei and would keep on supplying chips for Huawei devices. companies pile-pressure on Huawei


The latest in the list of bans has been the SD Association, the memory card standard authority, according to reports from GizChina, has removed Huawei from the list of its consortium members. While there is no official word concerning the move, the company is no longer listed on the website. This would mean that Huawei would be turning its entire focus on its own nano memory cards which it introduced with its flagship series and to make it widely available for new devices and make it available worldwide if its to keep its customerbase.

There has been no sweat from Huawei and the company seems to take the pressure well and is highly likely to come out of this quite easily with the enormous tech footprint it has established within the tech industry.


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