It is only a matter of time before Samsung’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy s8 becomes official, and due to various rumors and sources, there’s quite a lot of information available about the upcoming device already. Several leaks have suggested that the ‘Bixby’ virtual assistant will indeed make its debut on the galaxy s8, and it will presumably give google’s virtual assistant a run for its money. Samsung is obviously excited about the prospect and the potential Bixby has to offer, and say that the competition could take Al to the next level.

Samsung’s Bixby will only be running on Samsung devices, ranging from mobile phone to other appliances like TVs and fridges, but this competition from google might result in each virtual assistant try to out do each other, obviously raising the standard of competition. Google obviously isn’t looking forward to the competition Bixby has to offer, and this claim is further boosted by rumors suggesting that google has even attempted to keep Samsung from installing Bixby on top of Android, like it has done in the past, blocking the installation of certain apps and services.

But from Samsung’s perspective, it does not only want competition, but it also wants to collaborate and work together with google to push Al to further glory.  Lee Kyeong-tae, a member of Samsung’s mobile division, gave the following statement: “Samsung and Google will have to continue to maintain their strategic partnership to nurture the AI and the market for the emerging technology.”


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