Complains from Xiaomi users

Xiaomi goes on to sue the US government over Military blacklist row

Some of the new devices that are making their way from Xiaomi are reportedly suffering from touch response issues, and the reasoning behind this issue is not clear as of yet. Also, the issue isn’t just limited to just one device, and there are in fact several devices that seem to be facing the problem. Indeed a thread on reddit, which happens to be around two months old, talks about the devices that are actually facing this touch screen response problem.

For now, in an independent space, these issues haven’t exactly been confirmed as far as all the devices that are enlisted on the reddit thread goes, however, reports do in fact indicate that the devices are indeed facing issues and have been doing so fairly recently – that too on a small number of devices which happen to be running on the company’s very own MIUI, which is at the end of the day likely to be the culprit.

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Some users have tried to factory reset their smartphone, however, the problem hasn’t been fixed. However, rebooting the device does seem to temporarily fix the problem, but it crops up again pretty quickly and has done so for most users.

Xiaomi has also commented on the matter by saying that the company is indeed aware of the issue on some of the devices while the brand also added that an update with the fix for various devices will in fact be rolled out sooner rather than later.

As we speak, there is no indication as to how widespread this issue really is due to the fact that there are a small number of mentions in relation to the problem present online. Regardless of this though, Xiaomi has indeed acknowledged the issue and has also said that the brand will soon solve it as well.


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