Terrorism has no faith and moral values in the context of every domain. Every religion starts with the norms of humanity and addresses to serve ourselves for social causes. According to Islam, the message of peace is mostly highlighted in spiritual values and customs. Ashamed on those who have related these brutal activities with Islamic content as all Ulmas indicate in “Fatwa” related to the violations and terrorism. Condolence on the brutal incident in Sehwan Shareef.

The suicide attack on Sehwan Shareef is considered most terrific than the others attacks of different cities in these days. NetMag pay tributes to all martyrs who lost their lives in Sehwan Shareef, Lahore mall road blast, Peshawar Mehmand agency attacks and condolence for their children and families. On the other hand, it is the big hollow mark on the performance of our securities agencies and relevant institutes who has the information regarding these brutal activities but in vain. Also, question mark on the statements of our federal defense minister. The impact of this negligence suffers our people badly. Why the agencies didn’t worked on time.

What kind of hurdles that indicates the loops in the implementation of National action plan. Do our leaders seriously concern about these issues or they are trying to save themselves in Supreme Court with lame excuses. There is a dire need to take strong action against the elements that are caused by this type of inhumanity. The plans and strategies are very much present in this situation but why are the practical implications absences throughout the scene. Is this only the responsibilities of our soldiers? No one is ready to move ahead after their extraordinary statements. The security risk is at a peak in our country for last almost ten years, what kind of message we delivered across the world as well for our upcoming generations.

The lawlessness in our country devilishly dismissed our image in social reformations. The implementation of National Action Plan is only the solution to serve nation frequently in an accurate sense. The tussle among the politicians is one of the main reasons that caused loophole on all securities issues. This is the time to serve nationally instead of individually. Why the people do not understand the worst situation of security in our country. Summing up with this hope that in future we will succeed in the proper implementation of strategies that would be quite helpful in the perspective of terrorism and would be buried the insane approach of specific groups and moved them towards peace and humanity. There is need to take quick action against the terrorist on alarming conditions.


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