According to the South China Morning Post, the first confirmed Covid-19 patient has been traced back to November 17, 2019 in China. Currently, after almost six months, the virus has made its deadly mark almost everywhere in the world. The total number of infected people has risen to millions and the number of new patients is also alarming. Connectivity The Key Player during the Pandemic.

Our true heroes are healthcare workers no doubt, but the world requires to adapt and evolve with the business landscape and lifestyle. For this purpose the need of modern ICT services and connectivity is essential.

Pakistan is striving hard to contain the spread of the virus with lockdowns in place and staying at home to maintain social distancing.Despite many challenges, the country is on the right track by utilizing its resources effectively. We have seen majority of the organizations at the forefront to support the country at this crucial time. The key factor in driving the nation right now is connectivity, pushing all telecom operators to give their best. Needless to say economic activity has been impacted throughout the country, however, access to mobile and internet services has allowed companies and professionals to continue their business operations along with work from home.

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One such national company that has been standing beside the country providing seamless connectivity during these trying times is PTCL. The company has been proactive from early on in taking the necessary measures to support its customers and employees, such as providing preventive gear to its front line workers, enabling 1200 + agents to work from home for customer convenience, digital awareness campaign on the pandemic, digital payment channels etc. Furthermore, the company has also launched various offers and discounts to enable all strata of society on their products including CharJi fast unlimited internet and quality entertainment comprising of e-junior and Starzplay through Smart TV for the entire household during the lockdown.

PTCL being the national carrier is ensuring countrywide connectivity through its robust network infrastructure and continues to support CMOs, LDIs/ LLOs and corporate customers 24/7.

Every aspect of life whether healthcare, education, work, entertainment etc. is dependent on our ability to stay connected while practicing social distancing. Not only that our country’s progress, growth, economic stability and even futurerests on connectivity as it is going to be the key player to get us out of this crisis.

Stay home, stay safe and go digital!


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