Construction material from plastic, Sir Syed students draw people’s’ attention

Construction material from plastic

Students of Sir Syed University achieved a milestone, as they prepared a type of resistant and more durable construction material only by recycling plastic shopping bags. The project was exhibited on Build Asia International Expo. The material that was used is completely recycled and environment friendly. The main feature of the project was the durability and cheapness of the material. However, recycled plastic bags that were used in making this type of construction material are more resistant and environment friendly.

The special pavilion has been set up, which attracted a lot of people and participants. Different projects were presented on the occasion from different universities. The project prepared by the students of Sir Syed university were the headline of the event. 

The students prepared the material from used plastic bags which is cheap. Also, it would bring down the cost of the road construction significantly.

The resistant nature of the material makes it durable and long lasting and impervious to water penetration and protect against weathering and natural events. The water in conventional roads – if break down or cracks appear – seeps under the pavement to subbase and subgrade layers inflicting a non-repairable damage to the road. The material will address the issue to a reasonable extant.

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The students said that they also prepared bricks with a little mix of sand, which are lightweight but bear more pressure and stress. 

The newly prepared bricks costs 38% less than that of conventional bricks, which are selling at 27 rupees. These bricks would cost around 16 to 17 rupees. And added feature of the brick is that it has the elasticity to sustain a pressure for a longer period of time as compared to normal brick which are prone to corrosion. They can sustain a pressure of 1350psi as compared to 600-800psi, which conventional bricks can sustain. 

The new startups and research should be encouraged in Pakistan. However, students with their minimum resources and motivation still managing to pull some world class projects and winning international recognition. Government lacks in providing the necessary motivation, and will to promote such kind of academic environment in which students can nourish and polish their skills. No surprise there, we are standing below in the list of countries in terms of research and new startups.


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