Nowadays, we can see even the latest apps supporting Android versions from years ago. The best example of this is that a lot of apps, even now, have a minimum requirement for Android 4.1, or Android 4.2. But the good news for you is that even if you are still stuck on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, then at least you’ll still be using WhatsApp for the next few years, at least till 2020.

Just last year, Whatsapp announced that it was ending support for a variety of older mobile operating systems, which included the likes of iOS 6, and Android 2.1, and the versions below this, obviously. The blog which announced this particular post has now been updated and the dates for some old versions have now been subject to change. It is now said by Whatsapp that Android 2.3.7 and older will continue to work with WhatsApp, until the first of February, 2020.

So, Gingerbread users should not be worried about being cut off, as there are still some years of service to which they can enjoy. Seeing someone using gingerbread at that time would be weird, due to how old it will be at that particular time, but we can never be too sure. Especially given the case followed by Windows XP. Long outdated, still pretty much in use.


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