Chinese smartphone manufacturer Honor made quite a splash at the Qualcomm 2023 Snapdragon Summit by unveiling its latest flagship model, the Magic 6. The event primarily revolved around discussions on artificial intelligence, but one particular feature stole the show – the ability to control your phone with just your eyes.

The Honor Magic 6 Unveiled

During the keynote address, attendees were treated to a sneak peek of this groundbreaking technology through a stunning visual rendering. It portrayed a woman using her Magic 6, with a portion of the Uber app displayed at the top of the screen, resembling a Live Activity. By merely shifting her gaze, she effortlessly expanded the app to full screen.

This remarkable feature, dubbed “Magic Capsule” by Honor, is referred to as “eye-tracking-based multimodal interaction” in more technical terms. However, for most of us, “Magic Capsule” captures the imagination far better.

Eye-Tracking Technology: A Game-Changer

The upcoming Magic 6 is all set to introduce this innovative feature, coupled with a virtual assistant powered by Qualcomm’s on-device AI. This virtual assistant is designed to perform a range of tasks, from curating videos on your device based on specific criteria to refining them according to other attributes and even generating new videos by highlighting your chosen clips.

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Understanding “Magic Capsule”

Despite the excitement surrounding this technology, it remains to be seen how effectively it works, as the demo video provided during the summit isn’t a real-life representation. While it might appear as more of a show-off feature, its practical applications are still unclear.

Real-Life Applications

The big question is, how can we use this feature in our daily lives? Most of us may not feel comfortable with our phones constantly tracking our eye movements. However, there are potential use cases for this technology. It could be particularly beneficial when your hands are occupied, or it might cater to people with disabilities who struggle with conventional touch controls.

Potential Concerns

It’s important to note that the term “multi-modal” suggests that gaze tracking is just one component of the system. It may combine with other gestures to ensure a more reliable and practical operation. This approach could be similar to the functionality seen in PSVR 2 games, where eye-tracking highlights objects before users confirm their selection.

The Release Date

While Honor has not provided a specific release date for the Magic 6, Qualcomm has hinted that phones featuring its latest flagship chipset will start appearing in the market in the coming weeks.


The Honor Magic 6, with its “Magic Capsule” and eye-tracking technology, certainly marks a significant step forward in smartphone innovation. While questions remain about its practicality and real-world applications, it’s evident that the smartphone industry continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


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