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India reports 6 new cases of the modified coronavirus in UK returnees

As we all know a new danger lurks now with the emergence of a new modified version of the coronavirus which has originated in the UK. It seems that the virus has now affected yet another country as we found that our neighbors India have also detected the new and more infectious strain of the novel coronavirus. This was found in six people who returned from the UK in recent weeks, although the daily increase in cases fell six-month all time low.

Thus far all of the three patients are being kept isolated, as mentioned by the Indian health ministry in a statement on Tuesday. They also added that their fellow travellers were being located in order to ensure that the virus does not spread among other people as well. 

“Their close contacts have also been put under quarantine,” the ministry added. In the latest news, it was also found that India has suspended all flights which were coming in from Britain until the end of the month, however, the cause of worry is the fact that an estimated 33,000 passengers had flown in from the UK by late November, which was before the ban. 

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In contrast, Of those arrivals, the number of patients that were found to be positive for Covid-19 stood at 114 people and their samples were being checked for the new mutated version of the virus, which has been detected across parts of Europe and Asia, added the ministry.

In total, there are 10.22 million confirmed infections and India has the second-highest number of cases in the globe just falling behind the United States. Another cause of worry however was that on Tuesday India reported 16,432 new cases, which was the lowest daily rise since June 25, the ministry said in another statement.

More than 148,150 people have died of COVID-19 in India, as per the data provided by the health ministry which attributes to major issue that persists in India. Health authorities expect to start a vaccination drive for some 300 million people early next month, with the Serum Institute of India, which is making the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus shot, expecting its emergency approval within days.


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