Coronavirus suspected in the latest flight to Pakistan

Coronavirus suspected in Pakistan

In the latest turn of news, with the Coronavirus epidemic at its very peak, we’re now hearing about a man who is suspected to have Coronavirus land in Pakistan. The flight, which carried passengers from Beijing to Islamabad, is known to have carried a man that goes by the name of Bin Yang – and it is being speculated that the man has been infected with Coronavirus.

The man arrived on flight 945, which started its course from Beijing – going on to land in the capital of Pakistan : Islamabad. Subsequently, it has also been noted that the suspect Bin Yang has indeed been taken to Pims hospital.

While things might not have been as worrying before, the arrival of the man and his subsequent checkup was indeed worrying. Indeed

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 it has been revealed that during the scanning process that took place, the patient’s body temperature sky-rocketed.

After this event took place when the temperature of the 35 year old from China went to an abnormal height, it has been reported that a senior member belonging to the health association took upon himself to transfer the man to an isolation ward – in order to make sure that others in Pakistan don’t get exposed to the virus – which of course has proven out to be a deadly one.

Much worry then also surrounds the other passengers that were on board – as it may well be suspected that they too might have been infected. It therefore would be smart move by the government to carry out checkups for all the passengers present on the flight 945 – as to conclude whether or not such persons have been infected – and if so, they too should be placed in quarantine as soon as possible.


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