Just a few years ago, Apple went ahead and launched the iPhone SE which offered an old design along with upgraded internal components. The phone has become very popular, especially in the subcontinent and other developing countries.

Now though, it seems as if the company is looking to launch the device’s spiritual successor in the iPhone 9. The latest speculation suggests that the phone is expected to arrive with another variant – the iPhone 9 Plus. The phone is expected to feature with a bigger display along with some other adjustments. 

The rumors are indicating that Apple will launch yet another LCD-display based iPhone and the phone will be added to the company’s lineup of LCD phones by the end of this year, or perhaps earlier next year. It is said to be the bigger brother of the soon to be released iPhone 9 model.

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For now, the design for the device is yet to be confirmed. However, there is the claim that Apple has narrowed down two options, the first of which involves the company fitting in a large 5.5-inch display which will arrive with thick bezels. The other option involves Apple focusing on a 6.1-inch display that will be coupled with slimmer bezels as well as a notch.

There has been no announcement on official terms with regards to the branding or pricing though the model in question – set to be launched as the iPhone 9 Plus may possibly start at $499.

The specs with regards to the iPhone 9 Plus have not been subject to being revealed, however, it is very likely that they will be similar to the iPhone 9 – which in its own right is expected to arrive with the new A13 Bionic chipset paired with three gigs of RAM.


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