Talking about TECH, seems like unfolding events that come and go, but their memories remain. TECH’s objectives seem to be fulfilling. With the recent session, the grand artifact which was experienced by the organization seemed to last till today.

The phenomenal response received by the students, honorable teachers and the lovable climate that touched the hearty minds of the people of the city of lights – an undefinable task for me, it is to explain.

I walked and sat and saw what has become of the name. The audience cheered, applauded, laughed and listened to the speakers with their much-obliged minds, wandering and seeing adorned opportunities trigger the minds which were built to strangle life the least, but they took turn.

The True & Objective Session for All

Mr. Kanwal Masroor and Mr. Zeeshan Rehman went to SPS – a chain of English Medium Educational Institution with over 12 campuses. The session by TECH “Unleash your potential…” was discussed thoroughly by the chairman. He talked about the relative challenges which are faced by the youth of today. Talking about his life, he shared how a company which did not have bucks to even own a PC is now an established setup owning to a great name in the technological industry.

The basis lies in understanding what the mind is best at, he added. A person can groom and work over his / her skill but the real beauty lies in understanding what that skill really is. Being a techy world, there are limitless opportunities in the sector and students should opt for these from the start. Today, work could be done from home, he suggested. The boundaries don’t exist these days, what is miles apart is near with the availability of Internet.

Mr. Kanwal also mentioned that opportunities don’t exist forever. They come and go. It’s the individual who has to see and grab them.


There were gaps, pauses – sheer attention which was loved by all. Then came Mr. Zeeshan Rehman who is an exceptional speaker and is known to create impact. He talked about the potential challenges students face growing up and how to face these challenges could be conquered. He counseled the students with motivation of seeing them to become stars.

Then Came Teachers’ Session

Then came in the teachers’ session. Who knew it would all happen so soon but TECH’s representatives were overjoyed to conduct a session in which up to 400 teachers participated. Mr. Kanwal counseled them to train, teach and lead shining stars in the best possible way.

The trip lasted for only few days but the organization’s outstanding achievement will be carried on for years. It was in this session in Swat that TECH played the role to outshine many others only waiting in the line to take another step, what TECH JUST TOOK!


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