Businesses all around the world are in the thought process of turning their much longer 5or 6day weeks to a mere 4 day week of work after a research shows that a cut in the working hours has surprisingly led to a higher level of productivity and in turn has resulted in the workers being more motivated. A media report conclusively showed that companies all over the globe that reduced the number of days in their company work schedule, got results which showed higher levels of productivity in their business, a motivated and committed staff and less burnout!

More over in New Zealand, the Perpetual Guardian which is an insurance company, reported a fall in the stress level and a rise in the staff engagement after it switched to a 32 hour week earlier in the year. In Japan, the government is promoting the idea of considering Monday(which is by far the most stressful day for people) an off-day. The Trade Union Congress (TUC) in the United Kingdom is runninga campaign for switching to the mentioned 4Day weeks in the whole country andwhat is surprising is that the opposition Labour party is actually supportiveof the proposition.

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TUC economic head Mr. Kate Bell says that it would help in reducing the stress of juggling work and will also help improve the family life as well as help in establishing a more fair gender equality. Companies that have tried it say its better for productivity and the staff wellbeing. Furthermore a recent survey which was conducted among 3000 employees in eight different countries which includes the United States of America, Britain and Germany, found that among the 3000 employees almost half of the employees think that if there are no disturbances in the work environment they can easily finish their work tasks in five hours a day, but many are already exceeding the 40 hours a week anyway with United States at the top of the nations list where about 50% of the workers stating that they work overtime.

Countries Around the Globe are Switching to a 4Day Work Week

Furthermore it was concluded that the idea of a 4Days a week schedule can be welcomed by both the employer and the employee, with both sides of each party, satisfied with the these measures and well results have shown a higher productivity level for firms so the real question is “Why not?”


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